When you’re looking for reliable and professional cosmetic dentistry solutions, iSmile Dental Care is here to provide the best care. As a leading Plano dentist, Dr. Ragnell specializes in offering exceptional cosmetic enhancements to beautify your smile, including high-quality dental crowns in Plano.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that are placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. These caps encase the entire visible portion of the tooth, lying at and above the gum line. Made from tooth-like materials, dental crowns protect weak teeth, restore broken teeth, and can enhance the appearance of discolored or misshapen teeth.

3D illustration of dental crowns similar to those placed by Dr. Ragnell

When Would A Crown Be Recommended?

As a renowned cosmetic dentist in Plano, Dr. Ragnell often advises patients on dental crowns’ aesthetic and functional benefits. Beyond restoring a damaged or decayed tooth, dental crowns play a pivotal role in cosmetic dentistry.

They are frequently recommended following root canal treatments to protect the weakened tooth and provide added strength. Dr. Ragnell might recommend covering a discolored or misshapen tooth, enhancing your overall smile. Additionally, dental crowns can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, such as dental bridges or dental implants, to provide a seamless, natural appearance. In essence, when there’s a need to strengthen a tooth while ensuring it blends harmoniously with the rest of your teeth, Dr. Ragnell sees dental crowns as an excellent solution.

What To Expect When Getting Dental Crowns at iSmile Dental Care

Getting a dental crown typically involves several steps, and at iSmile Dental Care, we ensure each phase is carried out meticulously for the best results.

  1. Consultation: Your journey starts with a thorough consultation with Dr. Ragnell, our experienced cosmetic dentist in Plano. Here, he will evaluate the health of your tooth, the need for a crown, and discuss the best material options based on your requirements and the tooth’s location.
  2. X-rays: To get a detailed view of the tooth in question and the surrounding bone, X-rays may be taken. This step is crucial in identifying any potential issues like decay or risk of infection that might necessitate a root canal before the crown placement.
  3. Tooth Preparation: The tooth receiving the crown will be reshaped to accommodate the crown. This might involve removing a part of the tooth or building it up using filling material. An impression of the reshaped tooth and surrounding teeth is then taken. This mold ensures the crown fits perfectly and aligns with your bite.
  4. Temporary Crown: Since crafting a permanent crown can take some time, Dr. Ragnell will often place a temporary crown to protect your prepared tooth. This interim solution safeguards the tooth from damage and sensitivity.
  5. Crown Fabrication: The previously taken impressions are sent to a dental lab where your custom crown is crafted. Depending on the material chosen and the specifics of the design, this could take a few days to a couple of weeks.
  6. Placement: Once your custom-made crown arrives from the lab, you’ll come back to iSmile Dental Care for its fitting. Dr. Ragnell will ensure it fits snugly and matches the color of your surrounding teeth. After any necessary adjustments, the crown is cemented in place using specialized adhesive.
  7. Follow-up: A brief follow-up visit ensures that the crown sits comfortably, and there are no bite alignment or sensitivity issues. This step reinforces our commitment to your dental well-being.
Dr. Ragnell smiling next to a patient who got dental crowns in Plano, TX

Choosing iSmile Dental Care for dental crowns in Plano, TX, means opting for a comprehensive, patient-centered approach. Our team is dedicated to making sure your dental crown procedure is as comfortable, efficient, and effective as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do dental crowns last?

With proper care, dental crowns typically last between 5 to 15 years. The lifespan can vary based on the material of the crown, oral hygiene practices, and personal habits.

Q: Are dental crowns painful?

The process of getting a dental crown is generally painless. Any discomfort experienced during the tooth preparation phase can be managed with local anesthesia.

Q: Can dental crowns get stained?

Porcelain and ceramic crowns resist stains well. However, like natural teeth, they can stain if regularly exposed to staining agents like coffee or tobacco.

Q: How should I care for my dental crown?

Treat it like a natural tooth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups with your Plano dentist will keep your crown in top shape.

We Offer Dental Crowns in Plano, TX!

Whether you’re considering dental crowns or any other dental procedure, Dr. Ragnell at iSmile Dental Care offers decades of expertise and compassionate care. As a leading dentist in Plano, he’s dedicated to ensuring every patient walks away with a brighter, healthier smile.

If you have more questions about dental crowns in Plano, TX, or wish to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you smile with confidence!

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