Plano, Texas3D Imaging

Providing patients with excellent care begins with precise treatment planning. But creating a detailed treatment plan depends on doctors having as clear a view of the patient’s teeth, tissues, and jaw as possible. A medical CT scan will help, but a scan with i-CAT takes care to the next level. With an i-CAT scan through Clear Image 3D in Plano, we can capture clear, distortion-free images in about 10 seconds. What’s more, images captured by i-CAT are more detailed, and the device itself emits significantly less radiation than other imaging options, even CT scanners. What kinds of treatment planning can an i-CAT scan help with? That list is comprehensive, featuring some of today’s most important restorative services, including:

  • Implant and oral surgeries
  • Diagnosing and treating TMJ dysfunction
  • Orthodontic diagnostics
  • Third molar extractions (aka, wisdom teeth removal)
  • Airway assessments

In other cases, doctors can use i-CAT to look at impactions, supernumeraries, and panoramics. We believe dentists, patients, and specialists from all around the Dallas and Plano area can benefit from what Clear Image 3D offers.

More Comfortable and Efficient Care with i-CAT

With the precise images produced by i-CAT, dentists can deliver care that’s more efficient and more comfortable. That, in turn, can go a long way towards soothing the dental anxiety patients can experience. Dental anxiety is real. It keeps many from even seeing their dentist for checkups. As technology advances, though, patients can feel more confident about receiving care that’s more precise and, as a result, more comfortable. Help improve your patient’s confidence with an i-CAT scan at Clear Image 3D. The process takes less than 10 seconds to complete and yields remarkably clear images. What’s more, we serve dentists, patients, and specialists from Plano, Addison, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, and other Dallas areas. Call today to learn more about surgical planning with the i-CAT. We look forward to helping you gain a more complete view of your patients’ mouth, face, and jaw, so you can deliver more accurate results.

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